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About Indigo Collar Tags



John and 'Bhoonie'

John with 'Jet' and 'Bhoonie'

John with 'Jet' and 'Bhoonie'

Indigo Collartags was started after a long and frustrating search for a secure ID tag to attach to my very active Labradors. For years, I had been buying the conventional round brass tags that were routinely ripped from their collars and left in hedges as they chased rabbits on our farm. It was very obvious that these tags weren't strong enough for the job, but there didn't seem to be any better alternatives.

Then came the day when the dogs went out hunting on their own - they ended up going off the farm, and only one came back. We found out very quickly where the other one was - she had been picked up by the dog warden, and despite the fact that she is microchipped, she spent the night at the dog pound. The search for a new method of identification for my dogs began in earnest, and finally I found 'CollarTags'™. These tags are quite unlike anything I had come across before - they are deeply engraved, very strong and stay securely on their collars whatever they get up to.

I have secured the exclusive distribution rights to the European market for 'CollarTags'™, and aim to spread the word about a better alternative in pet identification. I now feel so confident that I am keeping my pets safe with a tag that won't fall off or become unreadable, and I want you to be able to feel the same. Peace of mind counts for so much these days, and it really helps to know that you can be contacted with minimum delay and reunited with your pet if ever a problem arose.

John Cook



"Greta's tag arrived this morning. It looks fantastic and is much safer when she is in the undergrowth as it doesn't get caught like her old dangly one. Can I just say what a pleasure it has been dealing with you for Indigo CollarTags. Easy, thoughtful and nothing was too much trouble, Thank you again".
Geraldine Jago, Somerset

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