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Closed End Double Thickness Indigo Collar Tag

Closed End Double Thickness Indigo Collar Tag

Double Thickness CollarTags™ are designed for thick/padded nylon and leather collars which can be threaded through the tag ends THEY ARE NOT SUITABLE for collars with a snap fastening. Made of Non-magnetic surgical grade Stainless Steel and suitable for leather and very thick nylon or padded collars upto 5mm thick. The tags have raised shoulders and are slightly bent helping keep the shape of the collar.

We now have this style available for
10mm (see Mini Collartags), 15mm, 20mm and 25mm wide leather and double thick nylon collars.
The measurements refer to the width of the collar the tags will fit NOT the overall size of the tag
Ordering 15 mm Collars and CollarTags - Please note that the CollarTag for a 15 mm wide collar is 23 mm wide so will overhang the edges of the collar by approximately 3 mm each side. The other CollarTags overhang by about 2 mm. We do not think this looks unattractive or bulky, even on smaller dogs. The CollarTag is this size to allow the increased amount of text that customers requested.

Our Double-Thickness CollarTags can also be used on Rolled Leather and Whippet/Lurcher collars. Please note that on rolled leather collars and Whippet/Lurcher collars, the tag will cover the two holes closest to the rolled/large section so a collar of a length that does not require use of these two holes must be purchased/used.

Available to fit 15mm, 20mm or 25mm wide collars.
5 lines of engraving are available on the 15mm, 20mm and 25mm tags, limited to 14, 18, 20, 25 and 20 upper case characters respectively.
The engraving text boxes below will not allow you to type in more characters than is available for the tag.

All engraved text will be in upper case



Enter Engraving details below:-

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Jon gives an overview of the indestructible collartag

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Indigo Collar Tags - CollarTags
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