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*** Order before midday on the Wednesday 4 November, 2020 and your collar tags will be with you by Tuesday 10th November, 2020 ***

Wolters Nylon Collars for your Dog with a fitted Engraved Indigo Collar Tag

Wolters Nylon collars with an Indigo Collar Tag fitted for you . All Indigo Collar Tags are deeply engraved and are made from top quality surgical grade stainless steel. The tag will not rust or fade and is guaranteed for the life of your pet. The correct size tag will be provided with your collar.

Wolters Nylon Snap Buckle Dog Collar including Engraved Indigo Collar Tag

Wolters Nylon Snap Buckle Dog Collar including Engraved Indigo Collar Tag

Top Quality Nylon collarwith snap buckle fastening complete with Indigo Collar Tag and engraved with your identification / name details.

These nylon pet collars with snap buckle fastening, are made from top quality nylon which is incredibly strong. Available in 7 different colours and 4 different sizes.

On the 20mm & 25mm sizes to fasten the collar you feed the prong end of the clip through the metal lead ring into the other end of the clip. The collar is designed this way so that there is less stress on the plastic clip with an added safety feature in that if the collar were to come undone for any reason, the collar won't fall off completely

(Please see further information on our FAQs section "what do I engrave on my tag")

**Matching leads are also available

Sizes (Width x Circumference range):-

15 mm x 18 cm to 30 cm 20.00 (15/30)
20 mm x 28 cm to 40 cm 22.00 (20/40)
25 mm x 40 cm to 55cm 25.50 (25/55)
25 mm x 45 cm to 65 cm 26.50 (25/65)

**We regret that LAVENDER, PLUM & BLACKBERRY are now discontinued**


Price from £20.00

Enter Engraving details below:-


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Jon gives an overview of the indestructible collartag

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Indestructible Name ID Tags!

Prices from only 10

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