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*** Order before midday on the Wednesday 6 August, 2014 and your collar tags will be with you by Tuesday 12th August, 2014 ***

Military ID Tags - Engraved Military Name ID Tags for Kit Bags.
The Stainless Steel Name ID Tag which is Strong, Rugged, Rust Proof and Guaranteed

These military ID tags are made from 1.5mm thick, surgically grade stainless steel and are extremely strong.
The only way these tags will deform is by being run over by some heavy military hardware (like a Challenger 2 or Saxon APC!), or by being subject to a barrage of serious fire power.
Remember, you can't buy these tags anywhere else in Europe.
Get some of your forces mates to get your ID Tag order quantity up to enjoy the discount.


"Thanks for sending the two id tags to me, they are brilliant. I have to carry my helmet and body armour everywhere I go so most of us put it into a black day sack we get issued. As you can imagine it is a nightmare trying to find your bag amongst all the others. Thankfully the tag fits perfectly at the top of the day sack."

  • Clear identification of kit
  • Virtually indestructible stainless steel
  • Fits on closed end nylon webbing 15 mm - 25 mm wide
  • Removable to inside pockets
  • Will not rust or fade, even in the hardest environments
  • Saves time searching for kit
  • Guaranteed to remain readable, or free replacement
  • We guarantee that if your Military Tag ever wears out or breaks, we will replace it with a copy of the original, free of charge.

We recommend as a minimum you put your name and service number on the Military Tag. You can add your rank and regiment if you wish, but the more information you have on the Military Tag the smaller the engraving will be. If you have a long name we may spread it over two lines to improve the clarity.

All text is in capitals, is centred and will be as large as we can fit on the Military Tag.


We offer discounts for Military Tags at the following rates:-

Discount Option
% Discount
Orders over 60
Orders over 90
Orders over 120
20+ Military Tags

Please Note: Discounts only apply if all the Military Tags from that order go to one postal address.

Ordering Military Tags

Enter Engraving details below:-


Please Note: We reserve the right to alter the Military Tag layout to achieve the best results.

Gift Vouchers

Gift Vouchers are available, we can send them to you or directly to your friends/colleagues with a message from you and instructions on how to order.

Click here for more information on Gift Vouchers.

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Jon gives an overview of the indestructible collartag

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Indestructible Name ID Tags!

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